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Recipe: Black Truffle Chocolate Truffles

Recipe: Black Truffle Chocolate Truffles

I'm sure that I'm not the first person to make a chocolate truffle flavored like truffles. Nonetheless, these are tasty and intense. Pastry chef Matt Tinder first showed me this technique to add the texture to the truffle. It's a messy process, but when timed correctly, you can get a great effect on the outside. This recipe is from issue 5 of the magazine, where I did an in-depth feature of different mignardises that might be served in a restaurant.


Black Truffle Chocolate Truffle



450 g heavy cream

50 g invert sugar, trimoline

21 g sorbitol

500 g guanaja chocolate

125 g black truffle butter

6 g black truffle oil, high quality

As needed guanaja chocolate, tempered

As needed cocoa powder



Heat the cream, trimoline, and sorbitol to 45C. Melt the butter to 45C. With a hand blender, emulsify the cream mixture into the chocolate. Once mixed, blend in the truffle butter and oil. Let the ganache set and form into balls. This can either be done with a Parisian scoop or by setting the ganache in silicone molds. Once the ganache is set, coat them in tempered chocolate, followed by cocoa powder. While the chocolate is semi-set, roll the truffle on a tamis to imprint the truffle texture. Shake off any excess cocoa powder.


* If you want to go the extra mile to make them look like truffles, take the balls of ganache and manipulate them with your hands to make them less circular and look more like a real truffle. I pressed the tips of my fingers into specific points to add the imperfect indentations. 

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