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How much is Toothache magazine?

$20 USD within the USA. Shipping and handling depends on where you're at! The price at stores outside of the USA may vary. 

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to the USA, Canada, and Australia. Unfortunately, shipping the magazine out of the United States is expensive, and there isn't much we can do about that. If you're looking to get Toothache magazine elsewhere, check out stockist page to see if it carried in a store near you. 

What's the deal with shipping?

Our magazines are fulfilled by our partner warehouse in Livermore, California. Everyone has gotten used to Amazon's crazy fast shipping, and that isn't a possibility for us. USA orders should take anywhere from three days to two weeks to arrive. International orders may take up to a month. We use the cheapest shipping methods that we can, and unfortunately, that means it's slow.

Do you offer subscriptions to Toothache magazine?

Not anymore. If you have any questions about an old subscription, please email me at

How do I collaborate with Toothache?

Email me at

How often is Toothache published?

We used to come out with new issues bi-annually. Toothache is currently on a hiatus and not producing new issues. 

How do I carry Toothache in my store?

Email us at

Can I advertise in Toothache?

Possibly. We'd like to limit advertisements in our magazine but might have a few spots open. Email us at

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