How much is Toothache magazine?

Online and in store in the USA, $20 USD. Shipping and handling depends on where you're at! The price at stores outside of the US may vary. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Though outside of the United States and Canada is $15.

Whats the deal with shipping?

Our magazines are fulfilled by our new partner warehouse in Livermore. Orders should take anywhere from three days to two weeks to arrive for US orders. International orders may take up to a month depending on how long its stuck in customs.

Do you offer subscriptions to Toothache magazine?

At the moment, we do not. We are working on it, and will let you know via email newsletter or at toothachemagazine.com

How do I collaborate with Toothache?

Email us at nickm@toothachemagazine.com

How often is Toothache published?

We currently come out with issues bi-annually. One in the summer, and one in the winter. If the demand is there though, we will push to create them more often for you!

How do I carry Toothache in my store?

Email us at nickm@toothachemagazine.com

Can I advertise in Toothache?

Possibly. We'd like to limit advertisements in our magazine but might have a few spots open. Email us at nickm@toothachemagazine.com