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Toothache Issue 09

Announcing Issue 9: A Reflection on Resilience. After a summer hiatus, Toothache Magazine return...

Announcing Issue 9: A Reflection on Resilience. 

After a summer hiatus, Toothache Magazine returns with Issue 9, delving into the profound impact of the past two years on the culinary world. Conversations with chefs center on navigating the pandemic, adapting to change, and advocating for a more equitable industry. Packed with striking full-page food photography and an array of recipes, this issue offers insights and inspiration for all, whether kitchen aficionados or casual readers.

Featured Chefs:
- Daisy Ryan - Bells
- Jeremy Fox - Birdie G's
- Brandon Gray - Brandoni Pepperoni
- Fermin Nunez - Suerte
- David Yoshimura - Nisei
- Gregory Gourdet - Kann
- Claudette Zepeda - VAGA
- Derrick Flynn - Suerte
- Ariana Quant - Hai Hospitality
- Angela Pinkerton - Pie Society
- Nick Muncy - Toothache & Drool

Experience Toothache 09, a 144-page perfect-bound publication proudly printed in Canada.

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