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Toothache Issue 02

This is the second issue of Toothache magazine. This issue features a ton of great chefs, both savory and pastry. This issue visits Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Portland, New York and San Francisco. Toothache is a magazine made completely by chefs, for chefs. Issue 02 includes stories and recipes from 14 award-winning chefs: Kim Alter (Nightbird),  Stephen Beaumier (White Label Chocolate),  Daniel Calvert (Belon),  Brett Cooper (Aster),  Bao La (Le Garcon Saigon),  Andrés Lara (Cacao Barry),  Zen Ong (E.P. & L.P.),  Stephanie Prida (The Pool),  Ramon Perez (Puur Chocolat),  Geovanna Salas (Castagna),  Louis Tikaram (E.P. & L.P.),  César Vega (Mars Inc.),  Justin Woodward (Castagna),  and Jowett Yu (Ho Lee Fook).  

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