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Toothache Issue 10

Introducing Issue 10: A Culinary Triumph! Issue 10 marks a significant milestone, reflecting year...

Introducing Issue 10: A Culinary Triumph! 

Issue 10 marks a significant milestone, reflecting years of dedication to crafting a magazine worthy of your bookshelf. With a recent move inspiring a focus on Southern California's culinary scene, this edition showcases chefs who are trailblazing in the food world. Prepare to be captivated by their stories and enchanted by their exquisite creations.

Featured Chefs:
- Will Aghajanian & Liz Johnson - Horses
- William Bradley - Addison
- Tavel Bristol-Joseph - Canje
- Thessa Diadem - Here's Looking at You
- Katianna & John Hong - Yangban Society
- Vinesh Johny - Lavonne Academy
- Ki Kim - Kinn
- Santiago Lastra - KOL
- Karla Subero Pittol - Chainsaw
- Daniel & Caitlin Cutler - Ronan
- Nick Muncy - Toothache
- Chris Webb - ChowNow
- Connor Underwood - Milo + Olive

Experience Toothache 10, a 144-page perfect-bound publication proudly printed in Canada.

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